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I build all exhaust after they are ordered 

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Some of my exhaust but not all  are extremely loud and may not be legal in your State, City or Neighborhood  Sold for off road use !
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We do not ship exhaust to California


during high-volume times  please bare with me while i do my best to get your order out as fast as i can. 

if you haven’t heard from me about your order in 20 days you can send an email to rlsexhaust@yahoo.com


because your exhaust is custom made when it’s ordered I treat everything as a final sale but if there’s a problem with a weld or and mistake on my part we’re more than happy to fix it.

you can email rlsexhaust@yhaoo.com

for help with your order. Please include your ORDER NUMBER and confirm your address so we can better assist you.

Please check your local and state laws to ensure they are legal in your area.

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No returns -under special circumstances 20% restocking fee if i accept the return. all returns must be approved
The RLS Exhaust Story:
   Being a rider on a budget I got creative and produced my first exhaust out of necessity with a few ideas and the help of a local welding shop. After one trip to bike night and all the positive responses I knew I had found my calling.That was in 2007 . Now, I do all my own Tig welding and all of the final fabrication and design here at my home based shop in Waxahachie, TX.
   The company has grown over the years and with the help of my customers and repeat customers that have supported we continue to grow. I would like to thank you all! This has been a blessing and helped support my family.
 With the help of larger industry, I am able outsource some of my work, helping me build a high-quality exhaust without a large overhead. This allows me to build a budget-friendly exhaust that gives the sound and look you are searching for.
If you’re looking for the most powerful exhaust on the market. It isn’t RLS Exhaust. I wish I could say it was, but I try to be as honest as I can about what I build and what you can expect when you get it. You can expect short, light, and very loud on most bikes. With RLS Exhaust you get a custom built exhaust with a Sound un-matched by any other company and in some cases extra power. Dyno tuning is always recommended for a power increase, but not always needed.
All RLS Exhaust are built from 304 Stainless Steel and have a polished finish. We also offer a Ceramic coating for a little more that is a superior finish. It is a Radiant heat barrier that can reduce exhaust temperatures up to 400 degrees.
Please contact me with any issues. All exhaust are covered for 90 days after purchase for exchange only.