2014-2024 Can-Am Spyder RT Crusher Series

$ 498.00


This is the RLS Exhaust Crusher Series  model that will                                                  fit 2014-2024 Can-Am Spyder RT  
This all stainless steel exhaust made to fit your oem cat or cat bypass This is a exhaust louder and more Aggressive than your stock exhaust 

These custom-made exhausts are slim, sleek, and  loud. when compared to stock 


Use your factory springs and bolt it on and your factory heavy duty oem clamp,  Clamp is not provided reuse your factory clamp


  •     no mapping necessary let the bike idle 10 mins and ride 
  •     made to fit RT 2014-2024 and f3 limited 2016-2024 Can-Am bike.
  •     Exhaust has a 90-day warranty against defects; return for a replacement. returns must be approved
  •     We accept all payment types through paypal no account needed 
3 different tip options 


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